The newest book by Karen McKay is now available for Kindle. Discover the hidden dangers of wheat and how it could be making you sick and fat.

Wheat is caught in the crosshairs of the debate on whether it is truly healthy for you to eat, based on the effects it has on the human body. You owe it to yourself to learn what more and more studies are showing about the dangers of wheat, and how you can feel better and lose weight if you take it out of your diet.

This book will help you learn how wheat could be making you fat and causing some of your health problems so that you can make your own decision about its place in your diet and whether you should try a wheat free lifestyle.

It will help you learn to:
– Eat more healthy foods
– Be healthier and feel good
– Lose weight easily, including belly fat
– Discover other grains that are much more nutritious

Monumental Press is excited to bring a new book to you by Karen McKay – Amazing Coconut Oil: How It Can Change Your Life and Restore Your Health. It has just been published on Amazon for Kindle!

Amazing Coconut Oil

Here is some of what you will learn in this book:

Why so many use it successfully for weight loss and dieting

How it can help diabetics normalize their blood sugar

Help improve your thyroid function

Why polyunsaturated fats are so dangerous

How coconut oil fights candida

Which viruses and bacteria does coconut oil have an effect on?

Why many types of cancer can be helped and prevented

What do your cholesterol numbers really tell you

Heart disease – are saturated fats really a risk factor?

What if your gallbladder has been removed?

How to lower your blood pressure
And much more!

Coconut oil is a natural food capable of astonishing healing capabilities. Learn how it can improve your health and increase your energy.

Pick up a copy at Amazon today!

Proudly announcing Karen McKay’s newest book, Flat Belly Solution – Remedies for Belly Fat. This is her newest book in the Flat Belly for Life Series and it’s her flagship book.

Flat Belly Solution


Flat Belly Solution is now available on for Kindle readers. For those who don’t yet own a Kindle, you can read it on your computer.

Karen has covered all the different causes for belly fat, or belly pooch as some call it. Some are diet related, some are lifestyle, and still others are because of health issues.

Each of these is covered in detail to help you determine what is causing your belly fat. Once you learn that, the remedy is not far behind.

Are you sick and tired of doing situps and crunches, dieting, doing all the things you think you should be doing to make that belly fat go away? If it’s not working for you, then pick up this book and end the mystery once and for all.

We welcome Karen McKay as one of our new authors. You can read more about her here.

We are so excited to announce that Karen McKay’s new book Lose 3-5 Pounds in 24 Hours is now available on Amazon for Kindle!

Lose 3-5 Pounds in 24 Hours

For everyone who has ever wanted to drop a few pounds overnight, this is your answer. Karen gives solid information on how to do just that. She uses this method herself and swears by it, so she writes from her own experience.

In this book Karen talks about the things that can cause us to to put on a couple of extra pounds almost before we realize it is happening, and the scientific reasons why this method works so well.

Wouldn’t you like to know what simple process you can use to help you body drop a few pounds literally in one day?

Stop by Amazon and pick up this great little book now.


Monumental Press is proud to announce Belly Bloating – What Causes It and How to Stop It by Karen McKay is now available on

Belly Bloating

Part of the Flat Belly for Life Series, Belly Bloating deals with a crucial problem many people have – bloating in their midsection. It can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. Karen covers all the different causes of bloating, from digestive disorders to simple things like chewing gum.

Many people think it is a female “thing”, but in actuality, men suffer from it as well.

If you are ready to find out what’s really causing your bloating, then this book is for you. It gives you the tools to become a detective and discover what’s really going on, and then even more importantly, gives you the answers for how to stop it.

We are excited about this addition to our publishing house, so join us as we welcome Karen McKay’s newest book.

Author Karen McKay is pleased to announce that her new series, Flat Belly for Life, will be published next week on Amazon. We have been anxiously waiting for her first Kindle books to be live, and now the wait is almost over.

There will be 3 books in the series, with more to be possibly added at a later date. Stay tuned and watch this space for our announcement when they go live!